How can DAS help me?

What are the advantages of DAS?  

  • DAS allows you to repay your debts over an extended period of time through a debt payment programme (DPP)
  • DAS allows you to make regular payments to a payments distributor who deals with all your creditors on your behalf
  • DAS is normally free
  • DAS approved money advisers at Citizens Advice Bureaus or local authorities normally provide free advice.  However, some other approved money advisers may charge a fee for their service
  • DAS protects you from your creditors using court enforcement to recover debt (diligence)
  • If your circumstances change DAS allows you to vary the approved DPP without any penalties
  • DAS freezes interest, fees and charges on your debt, from the date your DPP is approved and this is written off when the DPP is completed
  • Using DAS successfully will show that you've learned valuable money management skills


Am I protected from creditors taking court action? 

If your creditors are writing to you to say that they intend to take court action against you to recover the debts and you are thinking about applying for a DPP under DAS then your approved money adviser can write to the DAS Administrator to intimate your intention.  This is called an intimation.  The DAS Administrator will register the intimation on the DAS Register.  Once on the DAS Register you are protected for a period of six weeks against any creditor action.  This period gives you time for your approved DAS money adviser to submit your DPP proposal.

Regardless of whether you have intimated your intention to apply to the DAS Administrator, once your application is received you are protected against any creditor action until a decision is made.  This allows your creditors time to consider your DPP proposal.

After your DPP is approved, all of your creditors included in the DPP, or who have been notified about it, cannot take further action against you to recover any debts.  This means that your creditors may not petition for your bankruptcy or take diligence action (enforcement actions such as earnings and bank arrestment) against you. 


Will it affect my credit rating?  

The DAS Administrator has no influence over your credit rating, it is a matter for the credit industry.  However, if you participate in DAS then your details will be recorded on the DAS register.  This is a public register which anyone can access free of charge.  Creditors and credit reference agencies check this register on a regular basis and may update your credit file to reflect this information. 

While you have a DPP under DAS, you will not normally be able to access further credit unless it is required for essential repairs.


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DAS can help you recover 90% or more of the money owed to you.



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