Find a money adviser to help with DAS

To apply for DAS you must first of all speak to a DAS approved money adviser.  The DAS approved money adviser will, if appropriate, submit the DAS proposal on your behalf and in certain circumstances administer your DPP.  Many organisations both in the public and the private sector can give money advice including offering DAS as an option to clients. 

Remember, many DAS approved money advisers offer their services free of charge.  However, some organisations charge a fee for their service.  You should check this with your chosen money adviser, prior to entering into any agreement. Under the legislation a DAS approved money adviser should notify you if they intend to charge a fee for their services and should be able to direct you to a free approved money adviser within your local area.  If you agree to pay any fee charged to your approved money adviser then you may be asked to sign an agreement to that effect.


Worried About Debt?

If you are struggling with your debt, DAS could be right for you.




DAS can help you recover 90% or more of the money owed to you.



Money Advisers

Find out everything you need to know about working with DAS.