How do I become a Payment Distributor?

How do I become a Payments Distributor

Under the new DAS regulations introduced in July 2011, the DAS Administrator must appoint payments distributors via a fair and open competition. 

A competition exercise was carried out in March/April 2011 via the Public Contracts Scotland website.  From the proposals submitted, 4 Payments Distributors were appointed membership to the Panel.  This membership will commence on 1 July 2011 and last for 3 years (with the option for the DAS Administrator to extend for a further 12 months).  During this period, only the 4 appointed panel members will be able to act as DAS Payments Distributors.

When the membership is due for renewal, the DAS Administrator will carry out a competition exercise to establish a new Panel.  This opportunity will be advertised via as many avenues as possible to ensure it allows all interested parties to participate in the competition.  This will include the DAS and AiB websites, Public Contracts Scotland advertising portal and any relevant trade associations.


Further guidance on supplying to the Accountant in Bankruptcy (AiB) can be found on the AiB website.


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