The DAS register

The DAS register is a free online public register which holds information about debtors:

  • who have intimated that they intend to apply for a DPP, or
  • who have applied and their DPP has yet to be approved,or
  • whose DPP proposal has been sent to creditors requesting consent, or
  • who have a debt payment programme (DPP) under DAS.

 The DAS register will also record information where:

  • the debtor withdraws their application prior to approval, or
  • the DPP has been rejected, or
  • an application for variation of a DPP has been received, or
  • a DPP has been varied, or
  • an appeal on the point of law has been made to a Sheriff against the decision of the DAS Administrator.

It is maintained by the DAS Administrator.  The information held on the DAS register for each debtor is:

  • the full name, including any former name,
  • the date of birth,
  • the home address or addresses, and any business address, and
  • the business address of any continuing money adviser

Full information on the DAS register


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