Case Studies

Debtor Case studies

Scenario 1

Ruth is a married mother of one who ran up debt while on a reduced income during maternity leave.  Ruth planned to pay back the debt when she was back in employment however due to child care issues she was only able to return to work part time.  She is now £10,000 in debt.

Scenario 2

Heather and Kevin are married with two children.  Due to bad budgeting and a reduced income due to illness and then a change in job  they are now £20,000 in debt.

Scenario 3

Scott has just graduated from university, he incurred debt by overspending while studying ,believing that he could pay it back when in full time employment after graduating.  Unfortunately Scott has not been able to secure work in his field and is still unemployed.  He is now £9,000 in debt.

Scenario 4

Mr and Mrs Singh are married with two children.  After being made redundant Mr Singh was unemployed for a year.  He managed to get a new job, however the new job was not as well paid as his last job.  With the shortfall in income the Singhs found that they could not keep up with their debt incurred.  They are £15,000 in debt.


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