How much does DAS cost?

Free, confidential and impartial advice is available to debtors, however some organisations will charge for this service so it's worthwhile checking this before seeking advice.  People who can give free, face-to-face advice include advisers in Citizens Advice Bureaus and local authority money advisers.  Some organisations may also give information and advice over the telephone or online. 

A charge is made to creditors for the provision of the payments distribution service and application fee.  The legislation states the maximum fee that can be charged for the application and by the payments distributor.  The application fee is 2%, and the payment distributor fee must not be more than 8%, of the amount due to be paid to a creditor.  Therefore, if a debtor completes the DPP under DAS, creditors will receive a minimum of 90% of the debt owed to them.

On completion of a DPP, the debtor cannot be held liable for any further payments towards debt(s) included in the DPP, as well as any interest, fees, penalties or charges which would have accrued after the approval date.


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DAS can help you recover 90% or more of the money owed to you.



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