What is an Intimation?

An intimation of an intention to apply for a debt payment programme (DPP) is where a debtor notifies the DAS Administrator that they are going to apply for a DPP.  If creditors are writing to a debtor to say that they intend to take court action against them to recover the debts and the debtor is thinking about applying for a DPP under DAS then they, or an approved money adviser on their behalf, can write to the DAS Administrator to intimate their intention.  A DAS approved money adviser may submit the intimation via the Debt Arrangement Scheme Hub (DASH).  The DAS Administrator will register this intimation on the DAS Register.  Once on the DAS Register the debtor is protected for a period of six weeks against any creditor action.  This period gives the debtor time for their approved DAS money adviser to submit their DPP proposal.  A debtor can only submit an intimation to the DAS Administrator once in every 12 months.

If an intimation is accepted by the DAS Administrator the DAS register will show ‘Intimation that the debtor intends to apply’  and the following details will be put on to the DAS register;

  • the full name, including any former name
  • the date of birth
  • the home address or addresses and any business address and
  • the business address of any continuing money adviser

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