What happens when a DPP is rejected?

All parties involved ie creditors, debtors and money advisers will be notified if the DAS Administrator rejects a debt payment prgramme (DPP).  The debtor will be advised to seek further money advice and may consider alternative debt management or debt relief options such as bankruptcy or a protected trust deed

The DAS Register will be updated with the notice of rejection.  At this point, creditors will be able to consider whether further enforcement action to recover debts is appropriate.  Creditors can also apply interest, fees and charges on the debts included under the rejected DPP proposal as stated your terms and conditions.  It is important that a debtor contacts their money adviser if their DPP proposal is rejected, to discuss their options.  This may include submitting a revised proposal.  A debtor also has the right to apply to the DAS Administrator for a review of the decision to reject the DPP.  This request must be made on any ground that would be raised in an appeal to a sheriff.  If the decision is not changed at the review stage, the debtor may appeal to a sheriff on a point of law against the DAS Administrator’s review decision to reject the application.


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