What happens when a DPP is completed?

A debt payment programme (DPP) reaches its conclusion when

  • the debtor makes all payments as agreed in the DPP or
  • the debtor makes a lump sum payment equivalent to all outstanding payments due or
  • all creditors in the DPP agree in writing to complete the DPP prior to the scheduled end

At this stage, the debtor cannot be held liable for any further payments towards debt(s) included in the DPP, as well as any interest or charges which would have accrued after the date of approval.    

Once the DPP has been completed all of the debtors details are removed from the DAS Register and the creditors will be informed that their debt(s)  in the DPP have been repaid.  If the DPP is being paid  directly  from the debtors wages, the DAS Administrator or the money adviser will contact the employer. 

On completion of a DPP, all interest, fees, penalties, and other charges which would have been owed if a DPP had not been approved will cease to be owed.


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