What is a DPP?

A debt payment programme (DPP) under DAS is a proposal that allows a debtor to repay their debt over an extended period of time. The DPP can be for any amount of money or for any reasonable length of time.  The DPP proposal will be sent to all of the debtor’s creditors for consideration.  The creditors are given 21 days to respond with their acceptance or rejection to the terms of the DPP.  If, however, a creditor does not respond within 21 days, under the legislation they will be treated as having consented to the DPP.  If any one of the creditors does not accept the terms of the DPP, the DAS Administrator will decide whether the proposal should be approved or not.  If a DPP is approved creditors must comply with the DAS legislation.

If creditors do not consent, then the DAS Administrator can still approve the DPP if it is fair and reasonable to do so.  If the debtor's circumstances change, the DPP can be varied to take account of this, the debtor, a creditor or a money adviser acting on behalf of the debtor can apply to the DAS Administrator to vary the approved DPP.  If a debtor does not comply with the conditions of the DPP, then it may be revoked and creditors will be able to pursue legal action (enforcement) against a debtor.  The creditor will then be able to add on all interest, fees, penalties and charges that would have been payable if the DAS DPP had never existed.


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