What are the conditions of a DPP?

When a debtor has an approved DAS debt payment programme (DPP), there are conditions, specified by law, that they must comply with. A debtor must:

  • make the first payment under a programme within one month of the programme being approved
  • make all payments under the programme when they are due
  • pay a continuing liability when due for payment
  • make no other payment to a creditor taking part in the programme other than a payment due under the programme (except for a continuing liability)
  • not apply or obtain credit unless permitted by the DAS Administrator
  • notify their money adviser or the DAS Administrator of a change of address or any changes to circumstances within 7 days
  • provide information or evidence within 10 working days if requested by their money adviser or DAS Administrator
  • make payments in respect of credit agreed and obtained under the rules of DAS when they are due
  • give all notices and intimation as required by a debtor under the Regulations
  • complete and submit a tax/ duty return or declaration on time and pay any sum due
  • notify the DAS Administrator as soon as possible if a money adviser does not to act on their behalf, unless the money adviser has either resigned or been suspended or revoked

A DPP may also be subject to further conditions by a money adviser or DAS Administrator, subject to approval. This could include the the request to gain money from (the sale of) an asset, the guarantee of extra payments such as a lump sum from any future income, or any other reasonable condition. If a debtor breeches any of the conditions, their DPP could be revoked.



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