Reviews and Appeals

If a party involved in a DAS debt payment programme (DPP) does not agree with a decision, by the DAS Administrator ,to approve, reject, vary or revoke that DPP they can apply to the DAS Administrator for a review of that decision.  This request must be made on any ground that would be raised in an appeal to a sheriff.  If any party does not agree with the review decision they may submit an appeal to the sheriff at the appropriate sheriff court.  The appeal must be made on a point of law so the individual may wish to take legal advice before proceeding. 


Who can lodge a review request or an appeal?

Review requests and appeals can be made by

  • a debtor
  • a creditor in the DPP
  • a creditor who is not in the DPP but who has applied for a variation.

How can an individual request a review of the DAS Administrator's decision?

An individual must submit a request for review to the DAS Administrator within 14 days of the DAS Administrator making her decision.  The review request must set out the grounds for review and the DAS regulation that has been incorrectly applied.

If the individual does not agree with the review decision they may register their appeal with the sheriff within 14 days of the DAS Administrator's decision.  The appeal should be made by summary application.

The decision of the sheriff is final.


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