The DAS Administrator is responsible for administering DAS through a computer system called the Debt Arrangement Scheme Hub (DASH). 

DASH is an interactive system that offers all parties involved in a debt payment programme (DPP) (ie debtors, creditors, money advisers, DAS Administrator and payment distributors) access to details of the DPPs that they are involved in through a single secure online service.

Each party will have their own secure login, password details and permission rights depending on their role.  The DAS Administrator will maintain the system and allocate access to the parties involved.

Money advisers will prepare, submit and, in some cases, administer DPPs using DASH.

Creditor will be able to access their own specific information in the DPPs that they are involved in.  In addition they will be able use the interactive system to confirm debts,  receive and respond to DPP proposals, and submit applications to vary or revoke a DPP.

Payments distributes will access and update the system, for example, to report any payments that have not been received.

Debtors will be able to access their own DPP to observe its progress 



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