DAS Administrator

 Who is the DAS Administrator?

The DAS Administrator is a civil servant appointed by Scottish Ministers and he is also The Accountant in Bankruptcy.  The DAS Administrator is responsible for maintaining the DAS Register which contains details of debt payment programmes (DPPs), and for the approval of money advisers, payments distributors and  DPPs.


What is the function of her office?

 The function of the DAS Administrators office is to

  • approve, vary and revoke DPPs
  • supervise all DPPs and administer DPPs where no continuing money adviser in post
  • approve money advisers under DAS
  • maintain the DAS Register
  • invite tenders for persons or bodies to be approved as payments distributors
  • approve applications for approval as a payments distributor
  • notify interested parties of approval, variation and revocation of DPPs
  • charge an application fee

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